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Kind words

Dr. Wittekind is an excellent instructor! She has been with us for over four years teaching our 7th grader and now our Kindergartener. Her enthusiasm and fun personality has kept our eldest engaged.


“Because of Dr. Wittekind, she truly enjoys the violin, and continued with it during a natural period of lower interest. Dr. Wittekind uses both Suzuki exercises and popular songs that they enjoy. She has also incorporated music theory into regular lessons— sometimes our daughter’s practice includes research or listening to a piece to better understand its structure. What a holistic education! Dr. Wittekind is always up for trying new ways to teach. Through zoom, she has recently started group lessons with our daughter and her friends– they are loving it. For our 6 year old she developed videos that she can use to help her practice. Dr. Wittekind is an accomplished musician with deep knowledge– and she shares this with a fun spirit.”

Dr. Wittekind has been my viola teacher for the past several years, and there are not enough great things to say about her personality and her teaching.

Thompson B

“She is very outgoing and knows how to connect with people. She has helped me refine my music skills and has introduced me to so many great pieces. Throughout the years, I’ve had ups and downs when it came to playing viola, but through it all, she was able to reinvigorate my passion for the instrument and push me to try new things. Before I started working with her, I was intimidated to try out for the Cincinnati Symphony Youth Orchestra, but with her guidance I was able to prepare and feel comfortable with the audition process. Dr. Wittekind is a great teacher who pushes you to be your best self. She is compassionate and empathetic, always looking out for the wellbeing of her students.”

Dr. Wittekind was an amazing violin teacher. She allowed me to explore my own voice as a musician while guiding me with a watchful eye.

Hannah L

“I found my true path as a violinist and not only a teacher, but a friend. I would highly recommend Dr. Wittekind to any budding violinist or violist who is looking for a creative journey to find their own style and an inspirational teacher.”

I’ve been a student of Dr. Wittekind’s for the past few years and she has not only helped me progress musically, but has also been there for me as a friend; she is truly an inspiration to me.

Kathryn H

Her passion for music has inspired me to continue and pursue the violin. Practicing for me now is not only for improvement, but it is also an outlet for me to express my feelings. I can now say that I am a better violinist today than I was yesterday and I have her to thank for that. I could not have asked for a better teacher and I forever grateful for the lessons we have together!